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Safety and Security Tips for Your Restaurant | Georgia Restaurant Association | October 2018


5 Common Operational Blunders and How to Avoid Them | Christina Merrill | October 2018


How To Market Your Restaurant as a Graduation Destination | Meg C. Hall | May 2018


Bartending 101: 7 Tips and Tricks for Better Drinks and Service  | Georgia Restaurant Assoication | May 21, 2018


The Art and Science of Menu Design | Georgia Restaurant Association | April 2018


How Casual Restaurants are Elevating Their Brand  Meg C. Hall | March 2018


10 Affordable Ways to Cut Back on Food Waste  Meg C. Hall | March 2018


Why Your Restaurant Should Offer Student Discounts   Meg C. Hall | February 2018


Britt Cloud Joins Goliath Consulting Group


Meet Jay Bandy of Goliath Consulting Group in Inman Park  VoyageATL | June 20, 2017


2017 Business Radio X


2016 Business Radio X:  Jay Bandy, President gives background on Goliath Consulting Group and what services the company offers


2015 Business Radio X


Restaurant Pros: Goliath Consulting Group  | Sara McGlothlin |June 2, 2014


IInvesting In Yourself, Part 1 of 2  By: lane fisher and f. joseph dunn Franchising/Financing


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