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Want to open a Pizzeria?

Create your own Pizza Restaurant with Goliath Consulting Group and Alessio Lacco, Certified Pizzaiolo

Why pizza?

1. Pizza is a staple of Americans’ diets, even more so today with a 9% increase in pizza sales over 2019.

2. Sales of pizza is one of the largest segments of US restaurant sales and does well regardless of where the economy is.

3. Profit margins on pizza are higher than most other types of restaurants.

4. Choose your style of pizza and build a proprietary concept to fit your vision. Create a brand that makes sense for you. 

5. Pizza is comfort food and can be easily delivered—a major advantage in today’s socially distanced society.


Why partner with us?

1. Goliath will provide you with a team of professionals whose proven backgrounds and expertise will support your concept from branding, to menu development, to construction and through the opening. We bring the team together to make your vision a reality.

2. You get the foundation and blueprint for building as many restaurants as you want. 

3. No franchise fees or restrictions, just all the franchise systems enjoy including help with all facets of restaurant development and opening support.

4. Results. We focus on minimizing start-up expenses through leveraging our relationships with equipment providers, food suppliers and technology vendors, including POS. When you open, you will have a budget to control expenses and a marketing/operation plan to build sales. 



Pizza Vending Opportunity


Do you want to add a pizza option to your retail business, shopping center, hospital, school or other public venues? We're working with a company that provides a turnkey solution to bring craft quality pizza to your location in Georgia and Texas. You supply less than 100 sqft of space and an electrical outlet. They supply the equipment and load the pizzas as needed throughout the week. The robotic kiosk requires no staffing and accepts payment for the product. Guests get their pizza in three minutes or less after the order is placed.



Who are we?


Jay Bandy
President, Goliath Consulting Group


As president of Goliath Consulting Group, Jay Bandy has built a broad foundation of expertise in the restaurant industry over 30 plus years. Jay works with independents restaurants, chains and franchise companies in every facet of the business across the US. Jay currently works with a team of eight restaurant professionals and a vast network of contacts in the foodservice industry to help Goliath’s clients be successful.


In addition to his consulting role, Jay is a minority owner with My Friend’s Place Deli. Jay also owns Goliath Restaurant Management that manages client’s restaurants in greater Atlanta.


Before starting Goliath Consulting Group in 2009, Jay worked with several QSR companies. He worked with BLIMPIE during their growth years, helping take the chain from 100 to 2000 units. Besides, he worked with McDonald’s Corporation in a regional leadership position and oversaw the implementation of new initiatives, including McCafé into 650 restaurants in the southeast.

Jay has a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Louisville and earned CFM certification from the International Food Service Executives Association. He is also a graduate of McDonald's Hamburger University.  Currently, he is serving on the board of directors of the Georgia Restaurant Association and a member of the Foodservice Consultants Society International.

Alessio Lacco
Certified International Pizzaiolo and Culinary Lead


Born in Naples, Italy, Alessio showed interest in Italian cuisine at an early age. He worked at his aunt’s
gelateria, learning how to make authentic Italian gelato. At 15 years old, he helped his uncle at his restaurant during the summer and made his first pizza. It was then that Alessio knew he wanted to be a pizzaiolo. To improve his skills and honor to work and learn from Gaetano Esposito (the grandson of Raffaele Esposito, who created the Margherita Pizza for Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889) at L’Arte Della Pizza. He became a certified international pizzaiolo at the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana.  


Alessio moved to the US in 2013. He started in Dallas, TX, at Cane Rosso restaurant, where he trained the pizza staff for their second location. In 2015, he helped open Pangea Kitchen in Evansville, IN. At the end of 2017, he helped open The Local Pizzaiolo locations in Atlanta, GA. Since then, Alessio helped open Pizza Lab located in the Bahamas, Pop Pizza, a Detroit-style pizzeria in Portland, Oregon and developed his own catering company - Atlanta Pizza Truck. Alessio continues to work with clients throughout the US on building menus and training new pizza makers. Alessio is versed in Neapolitan, Detroit, NY style and Chicago Deep Dish style pizzas.

Alessio is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish.

What is the process?

Proprietary Concept Development Support. Goliath Consulting will work with your team to create a unique concept based on your vision. This will include the creation of:


1. Brand identity and branding elements: including a logo, brand standards guide, website, and securing social media sites. Clients are responsible for trademark registration. 

2. Site Selection and Assessment: Goliath will assess any potential sites that you want to move forward on and provide a comprehensive report to you based on the market density of competitors and potential customers, the viability of the market,

ingress/egress, visibility, lease financials and the potential cost of the buildout. Additionally, we provide in-depth onsite and competitive analysis, review lease financial terms, and estimate build-out costs. We also have a network of real estate brokers across the US to assist with the search.

3. Create and monitor rollout plan, development budget, and proforma:  We will determine the timeline and resources needed to open the restaurant.  The plan will include all facets of restaurant development and restaurant operations necessary to build the restaurant up to the opening. It will list dates, tasks, person/company responsible and due date.

4. Menu Development, recipe book, and training videos for food and beverage items, including taking out and catering: We will help determine product and packaging specifications and secure sources of all products necessary for dine-in and off-premise consumption. We use our supply chain network to procure high-quality items, many imported from Italy.

5. Restaurant design, layout, and equipment specifications:  Goliath will work with the architect on all aspects of the restaurant's exterior and interior layout. We will work with our clients and designers on selecting materials and décor elements. Goliath will also work with kitchen equipment suppliers to supply initial kitchen equipment layout and specifications on cooking, prep, and refrigeration equipment. We have relationships with key pizza oven suppliers. Goliath will help identify the best POS and other technologies needed to operate, manage, and market the business.  

6. Restaurant development project management: Goliath will oversee the work plan to get the restaurant open from layout/designs, to construction, to opening. Once construction begins, we will hold weekly 1-hour conference calls with all stakeholders. Includes site visit and initial meetings with contractor/architect on site.  

7. Marketing plan: Goliath will help to build out a plan for PR, set up social media accounts, calendar and budget for grand-opening, and first year of business.   

8. Management systems: determine and implement personnel management, business reporting, scheduling, financial reporting, food/beverage costing, line checks, and food safety.  

9. Opening Support: Goliath Consulting will also provide on-site training for the pre-and post-opening of the restaurant, including recruiting staff, food safety, food production, service, inventory systems, technology-based tools, HR, training system, POS maintenance and management systems. Pre-opening support will include a FOH trainer and BOH trainer plus a Manager trainer for up to five days and up to five days for the opening week.

10. On-going support: is available, including menu updates, operations and financial assessments, training, recruiting, business planning and additional location development services.

How much does it cost?

Each client we work with has different needs, strengths, and visions. We will build a custom proposal for you that fits both the project and your budget. Our fees are like buying a pizza franchise, but you own the brand and intellectual property. This can significantly increase your business's value if you are looking to do multiple locations or franchise the concept.


Payments are distributed from the start of the project to the opening of the restaurant. The only additional costs are travel and accommodations for locations outside metro Atlanta. All other expenses are included.



Here is how to contact us:


Jay Bandy                                                                                  Alessio Lacco
PH: 404-384-9465                                                                       PH: 347-972-5802
Email: jaybandy@goliathconsulting.com                              Email: alessiolacco@gmail.com



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