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Restaurant management services

What is a Restaurant Management Company?
Restaurant management companies assess and manage the day-to-day operations of the business.  This starts with an assessment of current operations and develops into a road map for success.  Executing recruitment, management and hourly staff training, and systems creation and oversight.  These arrangements serve as the driving force for the owners’ vision, creating a streamlined, consistent and efficient business.

What scenarios are best suited for management contracts?
Many restauranteurs cannot be within the walls of their restaurants daily or have other business obligations.  Goliath Consulting serves as the restaurant’s Director of Operations in these situations, managing processes and profitability.  
Sometimes operators are unsure of the changes they need to make to their restaurants to increase success.  In these arrangements, Goliath Consulting can assess and implant a wide array of systems ranging from recipe modification/creation, supply chain improvements, expense auditing and many more.  These arrangements access the full portfolio of Goliath Consulting Group to improve restaurant operations.

What does a Management Contract Process look like?
Management Contracts follow a three-step method to success.  Assessment. Development. Execution. 

Assessment occurs in the first month of the contract.  The management team observes and orients to the current operating systems and staff.  This involves shadowing management and noting areas of improvement.   The management team then communicates with ownership the areas of focus and a path for improvements.

The Developmental stage involves the creation of systems for the restaurant.  As new systems are implemented, each staff member responsible for the system receives hands-on, individualized training to execute the systems.  This phase concludes with an updated responsibility matrix, compartmentalizing operations and procedures.

As the restaurant staff exhibit competency with new systems, the contract enters The Execution phase.  During this time, a designated Goliath team member will audit and meet with the restaurant management team weekly to reinforce success and correct/react to any variables that arise.  Goliath develops weekly sales forecasts and derives budgets for each department.  The team provides continuous staff training to increase profitability and serves as mentors to the restaurant managers. 


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